Liberal Arts Advantage

The Liberal Arts Advantage

Critical thinking, ethical reasoning, creative imagination, cultural competency, effective communication—these are the skills employers value most. They're also the skills that students learn through Boston College's distinctive liberal arts education, which helps you think across disciplines, prepare for a rewarding career, and discern who you want to be—and why.

The Liberal Arts in Action

BC's Institute for the Liberal Arts fosters a range of interdisciplinary programs that enhance the intellectual life of the community and help students integrate the intellectual, spiritual, and social dimensions of their lives.

Institute for the Liberal Arts

As Boston College’s home for the liberal arts, the ILA organizes symposia and seminars and supports pioneering programs that bridge disciplines and approach education in inventive ways.

Boston College Core Curriculum

Through our Core Curriculum, undergraduates study the forces that have shaped history while learning to think across disciplines and address pressing issues in an increasingly complex world.

Cornerstone Seminar Programs

In their first year at BC, students take a Cornerstone Seminar with an instructor in who will serve as their academic advisor until they are assigned an advisor within their major during their sophomore year.


The Capstone Program is a unique opportunity for seniors and second-semester juniors to review their educations and consider their commitments in life through a course on personal development.


This four-year, interdisciplinary course of study integrates the humanities and natural sciences and prompts students to examine how historical movements continue to shape contemporary life.


A hallmark of a BC education for 50 years, PULSE is a yearlong course that fosters critical consciousness of social injustices through volunteer service and discussion of works of philosophy and theology.

January 24, 2022 -- The new integrated science building at 245 Beacon Street.

The Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society

Boston College's new interdisciplinary institute brings our campus community together to address society’s most challenging and important problems in the areas of energy, health, and the environment.

Careers in the Liberal Arts

Astrophysicist, educator, economist, attorney, politician—these are just some of the careers that BC liberal arts graduates thrive in.

Learn more about Endeavor, a three-day career exploration program designed specifically for sophomores pursuing degrees in the liberal arts.

Formation at BC

Grounded in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, a BC education helps you connect the foundations of the liberal arts to enduring questions of self exploration and discovery.

What is Formation?

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