Psychology Faculty

Jeffrey Lamoureux

Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies



Representative Publications

Nelson, J.B., Fabiano, A.M., & Lamoureux, J.A. (2018). The effects of extinction-aroused attention on context conditioning. Learning & Memory, 25, 165-175.

Lamoureux, J.A., Meck, W.H., & Williams, C.L. (2008). Prenatal dietary choline manipulation alters context sensitivity of Pavlovian conditioning in young adult rats. Learning & Memory, 15, 866-875.

Lamoureux, J.A., Buhusi, C.V., & Schmajuk, N.A. (1998). A real-time theory of Pavlovian conditioning: Simple stimuli and occasion setters. In N. A. Schmajuk & P. C. Holland (Eds.), Occasion setting: Associative learning and cognition in animals (pp. 383-424). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.