PhD Students

Margaret Summerfield


Margaret Summerfield’s research centers on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English literature, with a focus on poetry and non-dramatic texts. She is currently writing her dissertation on the significance of time in early modern perceptions of the environment and the ways in which the growing popularity of the almanac reflected and influenced this understanding. 

Margaret has taught First-Year Writing, Literature Core, and an English elective called “Infinite Nature and the Early Modern Imagination.” She also works as a Learning Design Assistant at the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning (CDIL), where she helps build online courses for BC students. Since 2018, she and her early modernist colleagues at BC have been working on an online edition of the satirical cookbook “The Court and Kitchin of Elizabeth Cromwell” (1664), under the guidance of Andy Crow and Mary Crane.

Margaret received her B.A. in English at Bryn Mawr College and her M.A. in English from Fordham University.