Awards and Honors

Every spring our department recognizes the achievements of outstanding senior majors through a variety of competitive awards.

Richard and Marianne W. Martin Memorial Award is awarded to an Art History major of high academic and creative achievement. Established by the Boston College Friends of Art, this award is given annually in memory of Marianne W. Martin, Professor of Art History at Boston College from 1976-1989, and her husband Richard.

Allison R. Macomber, Jr. Award was established and supported by gifts from the Horbach Fund for outstanding work in the Fine Arts in honor of Allison R. Macomber, Jr., Artist-in-Residence at Boston College. It is awarded to exceptional majors in Art History and Studio Art.

Jeffery Howe Art History Award was established by the Boston College Arts Council in 2011 to honor Professor Howe’s outstanding service to the Arts at BC. It recognizes a Boston College senior who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship in the area of art or architectural history.

J. Robert Barth, S.J., Award for Excellence in the Arts is granted in honor of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1988-1999), who established and nurtured departments and programs in the arts, this award is presented annually to a senior who has made outstanding contributions to BC in the visual or performing arts.

Costa-Gavras Award is given in the name of Costa-Gavras, director of socially conscious films such as Z, The Confession, Missing, and Amen, who has provoked his international audiences to reflect more deeply about issues of social justice. This award acknowledges the work of a graduating Senior in Film Studies who follows in his footsteps with an original film on an issue of social justice.

The Screenwriting Award is granted in recognition of excellence in screenwriting in the Film Studies program.