About the Art, Art History, and Film Department

Art, Art History, and Film is an interdisciplinary department offering major and minor degrees in Art History, Film Studies, and Studio Art, as well as concentrations in Architectural Studies and Museum Studies. Focusing on undergraduate learning, our dedicated and passionate faculty offer students an individualized education to guide them in their respective areas of inquiry. We are committed to helping students acquire the visual literacy skills necessary to understand the production of art in the past and to respond more critically to our media-saturated present. Our students’ education extends beyond the classroom to take advantage of the rich offerings at the McMullen Museum of Art and numerous cultural institutions within the Boston area. Alumni are well positioned for any career in which strong analytical skills, creative thinking, and written and oral communication are necessary.

The Art, Art History, and Film department stands against racism. We recognize that art has a mixed legacy when it comes to historical injustice, at times perpetuating racism and in other cases offering a powerful tool for combating it. We are working to address issues of race and racial injustice in our curriculum and to celebrate Black artists, Indigenous artists, artists of color, art historians of color, and those underrepresented in our disciplines and institutions. As a department, we are actively taking steps towards creating a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible community. This work includes reviewing our curriculum, holding workshops, inviting speakers, and participating in discussions that confront problems of social and racial inequities in the arts. Our commitment is ongoing, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback along the way.