Let's Talk Nutrition

Nutrition Key Messages

Eat Intuitively: Give yourself permission to eat foods that are satisfying and fueling for your body.

Weight is not worth: Who you are isn’t dictated by your body size or shape; celebrate body diversity.


Eat Whole and Fun Foods: Understand cultural and social influences on food choices; get a variety of foods, ranging from veggies to dessert, each day.

Get enough fuel: This means on average, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for most college students, acknowledging this depends on food access.

Body Image Key Messages

Your body is your home; You only have one: Practice body respect by challenging, accepting, and caring for your body by engaging in healthful behaviors.


Write and rewrite your narrative: Our story changes! Cultivate confidence in your body by practicing positive body-talk, and thanking your body daily for how it functions, looks, and serves you.


Dress to feel not to appeal to an ideal:  Seek satisfaction with your body by dressing comfortably, and accepting your body regardless of beauty standards.

Live out the message: Set boundaries with and hold accountable yourself and others around body talk; question norms and share body-respectful messages with friends and family.


What messages do you receive around caring for your BODY? Listen to a variety of perspectives, from experts and peers, and consider how it relates to your experiences.


Hear from an Expert

"How colorsim shapes beauty standards"
Chika Okoro


How do you care for your BODY? Engage in these reflective activities to discover what works best for you. To strengthen your relationship with food and your body:



What do you need to do to care for your mind (or body, or soul) and live well? Sign up to meet with a Wellness Coach to reflect on your current wellbeing and set goals that feel achievable to you.

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Let's Talk More...

We want to help you find joy in your journey, wherever you’re at. We have many resources within Center for Student Wellness and throughout campus to continue this conversation—we’re here to listen, reflect, and help you set and achieve health goals that feel intuitive, sustainable, and balanced. 

Meet with a Peer Wellness Coach

Engage in a conversation about your health and wellness goals related to caring for your body - in the areas of sleep and general health, body image and exercise, and alcohol and other drugs! 

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