Let the Center for Student Wellness Help You!

We have many resources to help your residents stay healthy, happy, and safe at Boston College. If you are ever concerned about a resident and wish to speak with any of our staff members about possible resources or referrals, email bwell@bc.edu or call our office directly at 617-552-9900.

Six ways to utilize the Office of Health Promotion as an RA:

1. Open Your Monthly Center for Student Wellness Email 

The Center for Student Wellness offers educational health programming with five options for RAs to take advantage of. Every month you will receive an email with a list of resources for you and your residents - called the HealthyRA Newsletter! 

2. Request a Pre-Made Bulletin Board

Are you looking for health-related information for your residents? Need to replace the bulletin board on your floor? The Office of Health Promotion is currently offering a series of "Healthy Boards" for the semester. Submit your request via the Google Form below and receive your board via email within two business days. 

Healthy Board Request Form

3. Schedule a Wellness Coaching Session 

Be a resource for your residents. All students can benefit from an Individual Wellness Coaching  Session offered through the Office of Health Promotion. The session is a virtual, one-hour personal health conversation with one of our trained Student Wellness Coaches to discuss health goals and develop a personal plan. This conversation is a great referral to make to any of your residents seeking additional support towards reaching health goals and balance here at BC.




4. Request a Program to Go

Are you looking for health information and materials to help support your programs? Request a Facilitation Guide in any of our eight health topics, which will include program ideas and provide health education and materials for you to use. You'll receive a PDF of the facilitation guide and links to handouts to print. 


5. Promote Journey to Wellness

Encourage your residents to participate in Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body, Soul by participating in online activities around each theme and complete the monthly online activities and attend events around each theme. You can use content from these months for your own programs, incentive participation within your floor, and align your programming with these topics to promote holistic wellness.