Campus Ministry offers a variety of programs for Boston College graduate students, including worship, retreats, prayer and reflection opportunities, and spiritual direction.

Highlighted Programs


Exploring the intersection of work and faith, professors and staff members from the various graduate schools will discuss how this intersection plays out in their own work life, and will serve as conversation partners for students who want to learn more about how people integrate their faith and the

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Multifaith Programs

Students of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome at Boston College. Learn about faith groups, off-campus worship opportunities, and meet our campus minister for multi-faith programs.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Counseling embraces the Jesuit principle of cura personalis – care for the whole person – by integrating mental health counseling with one's spirituality or faith tradition. Offerings include counseling, pregnancy resources, grief support, and more.

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Rise & Reflect

Rise and Reflect is a weekly opportunity offering students a chance to start the day with 10-15 minutes of prayer and reflection. A joint venture between Campus Ministry and Residential Life, it will be hosted on Zoom every Thursday at 10 am.

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We welcome students interested in exploring Catholicism, or those looking to continue their faith journey by making the sacraments – including confirmation, marriage preparation, and vocations to the church.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an on-going relationship between a “directee” (person seeking direction) and a “director” (qualified person giving guidance) to discuss the directee’s spiritual life. Through conversation and reflection, the directee becomes more attuned, and can respond more fully, to God in all areas of their life.

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