Retreats provide important opportunities to pause, reflect, and be refreshed. Campus Ministry’s retreat program offers a variety of experiences designed to help students of all faith backgrounds become more attentive to themselves, others, and God.

Beloved Retreat

A retreat that explores God’s unconditional love for us and our response to that love. Led by seniors in our CLC program, Beloved includes time for reflection, conversation, and relaxation. All are welcome!

February 1-2, 2020
Bellarmine House in Cohasset, MA 
Cost: TBA

Registration coming soon

Ignite Retreat for First Year Students

Take a break from the stresses of school to ignite your passion, faith, and relationships! Ignite is a great way to make lasting friendships with other first-year students who want to deepen their faith and explore their path for the future. The retreat is facilitated by upperclass students who share talks and facilitate small group conversations on how they've integrated faith and spirituality into their journey through college.

February 21 - 23, 2020
Cathedral Camp in East Freetown, MA
Cost: $75*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Wednesday, February 19 at noon.

A group of students holding an "Ignite" banner

Interfaith Retreat

The Interfaith Retreat brings together students of different faiths, traditions, and worldviews to find common values and become advocates for interfaith cooperation. This 24 hour retreat seeks to foster community among the many religions celebrated at Boston College. Our Jesuit, Catholic mission calls us to support students of all faiths in their search for ultimate meaning. Students will both reflect upon their own religious identities, and deepen their understanding of the religious experiences of others. 

What’s it like?

  • Build relationships with fellow students through large and small group interfaith dialogue
  • Opportunities for prayer and reflection with respect to religious differences 
  • Be inspired by student leaders and interfaith activists who creatively and courageously counter faith-based hate
  • Stay connected post-retreat by engaging in shared action towards the common good such as the Multi-Faith Thanksgiving Celebration and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gathering 

Who attends?

Undergraduate students of all faith backgrounds and wisdom traditions. Space is limited and our goal is to select a diverse group of students in order to create a balanced and representative group. If we are unable to accommodate you this year, then we hope to do so in the future. 

October 25 - 26, 2019
Bellarmine House in Cohasset, MA 
Cost: $25*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Tuesday, October 22 at noon.


Meaning “God’s Time” in Greek, Kairos is a student-run retreat that allows undergraduates the opportunity to step back from the many demands of college life to intentionally reflect on their relationships with God, with themselves, and with others. Using a simple, straightforward approach to conversation and reflection, this retreat is open to students of all faith backgrounds and experiences. Retreatants listen to talks, discuss experiences in small groups, and experience some special Kairos surprises—all led by other students who have been on Kairos before. We currently offer 12 retreats each year.

A student facing a body of water

Who goes on Kairos?

Retreats are open to any undergraduate student at Boston College, regardless of background, experience, or faith tradition! A typical Kairos is comprised of students from every class year (first-year students start getting called in the spring semester). We also offer a special Senior Week Kairos at the end of the school year for any graduating seniors who haven't yet attended.

Note: If you've been on Kairos or a similar retreat in high school, we'd ask that instead of signing up for Kairos as a retreatant you consider participating as a leader. The waitlist is very large, and we want to make sure as many students as possible get to experience the retreat! Simply send an email to and tell us when and where you attended the retreat, as well as your email for the listserv, and we'll keep you up-to-date on the latest information about the program.

Where and when does Kairos take place?

Kairos retreats are usually held at the Boston College Connors Center in Dover, MA, or in other area retreat centers in New England. There are 12 Kairos retreats every year (six per semester), and each lasts from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

How do I sign up?

Follow the link below to enter your name into the Kairos lottery. Selection is random, and once your name is called we'll let you know how to complete your registration for a weekend.

Please contact Marissa Papula with any questions.

Weekends during the academic year
Location varies
Cost: Signing up is free. Once you're called there is a $100* retreat fee.

Sign up for Kairos

Lenten Mini Retreat

The Way of the Cross is a devotional practice Christians around the world pray during the Lenten season. Also known as Stations of the Cross, this prayer follows the final events of Jesus’ life from the time he was sentenced to death, to his crucifixion and burial. This year’s Lenten Retreat provides an imaginative prayer experience for students, faculty, and staff to participate in The Way. Members of the BC community will offer reflections for each of the 14 stations followed by a shared meat-free dinner. All are welcome!

April 3, 2020 from 4-6 p.m.
Cabaret Room, Vanderslice Hall
Cost: Free


Live the Fourth Retreat

The Live the Fourth Retreat invites students to continue cultivating what they learned after attending a Kairos, Search, Emmaus or Encounter retreat either in high school or at BC. This is an on-campus retreat, offered each semester.   

What’s it like?

  • An Opening Community Night to bring students together to discuss how others strive to “Live the Fourth”.
  • Four one-on-one meetings with a Spiritual Companion to explore where God is active and at work in your life. The individualized nature of these meetings will allow students to explore questions and themes particular to them. Spiritual companions include Campus Ministers, Resident Ministers, Jesuits, and former BC Kairos directors. 
  • A closing day of reflection to name and claim how students are called to be an instrument of God’s love in concrete, tangible ways. 

Who attends?

Any undergraduate student who has attended a Kairos, Search, Emmaus or Encounter Retreat either at BC or elsewhere. This retreat is open to students of all faith traditions. If you are not Christian, Campus Ministry will provide a spiritual companion from your own tradition. The retreat is open to the first 30 students who register.

Fall 2019 Retreat

  • Registration Deadline: 9/11
  • Retreat Dates: 9/15 - 11/24, 2019
  • Opening Community Night: 9/15, 4-8 p.m.
  • 4 independently scheduled meetings with your spiritual companion
  • Closing Day of Reflection: 11/24, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Cost: $30*



Spring 2020 Retreat

  • Registration Deadline: 1/23
  • Retreat Dates: 1/26 - 3/22, 2020
  • Opening Community Night: 1/26, 4-8 p.m.
  • 4 independently scheduled meetings with your spiritual companion
  • Closing Day of Reflection: 3/22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cost: $30*


Manresa is an annual directed retreat open for students, based on St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. Manresa is a time of quiet, reflection, and prayer with an open, flexible schedule in a peaceful setting. It is held each year during Winter break at BC’s beautiful Connors Family Retreat Center.

What's it like?

  • Plenty of time to rest, explore the grounds, pray, reflect, and just be, free of the pressures and stress of daily campus life
  • Retreatants can follow the structure of St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises if they'd like
  • Retreatants meet with a spiritual director each day for individual meetings with any of several campus ministers, priests, or other BC faculty/staff to discuss faith and life.
  • Each day includes a Liturgy of the Eucharist and a prayer service, from reconciliation to thanksgiving and meditation.

Who can go?

  • After applying, students will meet with a Campus Minister to learn more about the retreat and to determine whether the retreat is a good fit for them
  • Note to graduate students:  the retreat will give preference to undergraduates and will place graduate students on the retreat if there are open spots by the end of registration. We recommend that interested graduate students register in case this happens, and understand that spots may not become available
  • The retreat's religious focus is Christianity in the Roman Catholic tradition; there is no faith requirement for the retreat. Directors will be coming from, and are not limited to, a Catholic Christian perspective 

January 8-12, 2020
Connors Family Retreat Center in Dover, MA
Cost: $100*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Thursday, December 5 at noon.


Sophia Women's Retreat

The Sophia Women’s Retreat is a two-night weekend retreat for undergraduate students who identity as female. Graduate students from the Women’s Center and School of Theology and Ministry lead students in exploring what it means to be a woman for and with others in the spirit of Boston College’s Ignatian tradition. Activities and witness talks on the retreat will center on the themes of faith, sisterhood, empowerment, and self-exploration. Sophia is understood as the feminine expression of the divine as Holy Wisdom in Christian scripture.

This retreat invites you to recognize and celebrate the presence of Sophia in your life through prayer, reflection, conversation, and community. All are welcome! 

October 11 - 13, 2019
Friendly Crossways in Harvard, MA
Cost: $75*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Sunday, October 6 at midnight.

A group of women holding colorful paintings

Study by the Sea

Get the most out of your study days by getting away from the distractions of campus life to study and write papers on the beautiful shores of Cohasset, MA at Bellarmine House. 

Study by the Sea creates a peaceful and quiet space for students to focus on exams. The retreat’s flexible and open schedule offers students plenty of time to read, write, and study while also offering opportunities for mindfulness meditation, guided prayer, and home-cooked meals. 

Our Ignatian heritage at Boston College encourages the practice of cura personalis, which is Latin for care of the whole person—mind, body, spirit, and soul. Join us on Study by the Sea to enjoy the benefits of Cura Personalis as you prepare for exams!

Fall Retreat

December 10 - 11, 2019
Bellarmine House in Cohasset, MA
Cost: $50*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Sunday, December 8 at midnight.

Spring Retreat

May 3 - 4, 2020
Bellarmine House in Cohasset, MA
Cost: $50*
Transportation provided


The deadline to register is Thursday, April 30 at noon.

Tending the Flame Retreat

Drawing on the incredible life and thought of Sr. Thea Bowman, this retreat provides a space for students of color to “tend the flame” of their unique, God-given gifts and the light of love residing within each of them. Students are invited, through various activties, to reflect on their belovedness by God, and share stories and hear “wisdom talks” from faculty and staff on how to find resilience for moments of difficulty. While based on the Catholic Ignatian tradition, students of all faith traditions are welcome. Meals will be provided.

April 13, 2019
Location TBD
Cost: Free


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an on-going relationship between a “directee” (person seeking direction) or “retreatant” (person making a retreat) and a “director” (qualified person giving guidance) to discuss the directee’s spiritual life.  Through conversation and reflection, the directee becomes more attuned to God's presence in their life, and can respond more fully to God in all areas of their life. 


Typically, spiritual direction is a half- to one-hour, one-on-one conversation between director and directee in some quiet, private setting.  Spiritual direction can take place either in the context of a retreat or in regular, everyday life on an ongoing basis – in which case meeting frequency is usually about once a month.  The focus of the meetings is the directee's relationship with God within all aspects of life.  The directee leads the direction of the conversation. 


The directee assumes responsibility for their life with God, working to incorporate some form of intentional reflection on their relationship with God.  This may or may not include an experience or practice of some form of prayer, understanding that “prayer” can take various forms (formal and informal, e.g.).  During the meeting, director and directee seek to enter into a prayerful atmosphere where together they can be attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the directee’s life.   


The director may listen, question, challenge, suggest, and support the directee, and may suggest methods and specific content of prayer.  Ultimately the directee must own whatever insights they uncover, or course of action they decide to take; the director is a facilitator in the process, and the directee must claim the journey. 

Director/Directee Relationship

Given the intimate nature of spiritual direction, the relationship and personal dynamic between the director and directee is paramount, and must be comfortable for each.  This may take a few sessions to decide on.  It is important that a directee feels free to seek out a new director if they are not ultimately comfortable with the dynamic.  

Spiritual Direction v. Therapy/Counseling

In contrast with therapy/counseling, spiritual companioning/direction is fundamentally concerned with a person’s relationship with God:  with recognizing and responding to God in regular, ongoing, daily life as well as in the midst of specific issues of struggle or disorder.  Therapy is not necessarily or fundamentally concerned with a person’s relationship with God.  And problem solving is not the primary focus of spiritual direction, whereas it can be in therapy.  A spiritual companion may refer a retreatant to counseling if appropriate.   

Setting up Spiritual Direction at Boston College

There are many people at Boston College who are qualified spiritual directors – laymen and women, Jesuits, and men and women in other religious orders.  If you are a current BC undergraduate student interesting in just trying out, or definitely setting up, spiritual direction here at BC, contact Ellen Modica at or (617) 552-4665.

*Campus Ministry wants to ensure cost does not keep a student from attending a retreat. If a financial need exists, please contact Emily Egan, or for Kairos contact Marissa Papula.