The Psychology Majors

The Psychology Department offers three majors: The Psychology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) major, the Psychology Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and the Neuroscience Bachelor of Science (B.S.). All degree options introduce students to a broad range of topics, while also allowing students to choose an individualized course of study and focus on some aspects of psychology and neuroscience in greater depth.

Psychology B.A. 

Students take courses relevant to social, developmental, and cognitive psychology and learn how animal models can be used to inform human behavior. Together these courses provide students with an appreciation for the theories that have been put forth to explain human behavior and for the importance of considering clinical, cultural, social, cognitive, and developmental factors when trying to understand why humans think, feel, and act as they do. This major is the most flexible offered within the Psychology department, well suited to students who wish to pursue a minor in another area or to embrace the range of elective courses offered at the University while at the same time gaining exposure to many different branches of psychological science. (34 total credits)

Psychology B.S.

( The requirements for this degree will change on September 1, 2019.  For students who declare the major prior to that date, the former requirements will be honored.)

This is a research-focused tract with emphasis on computational reasoning and elective science co-requisites. Students will take courses in Psychology and choose from elective co-requisites in departments including Economics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics*. Together these courses will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the scientific study of the human mind and with opportunities for exposure to hands-on, laboratory science. This major is well-suited for students interested in a research-based approach to developmental, social, cognitive or abnormal psychology. (54 total credits)

*Science electives may fulfill several pre-med requirements.

Neuroscience B.S.

(This is a new major that can only be declared after September 1, 2019.)

This is a research-focused degree for students who are interested in understanding the biological basis of brain function in relation to thought and behavior. Requires co-requisites in biology and chemistry as well as elective science co-requisites*, and emphasizes exposure to hands-on, laboratory science. Students will take courses that are related to evolution, genetics, physiology, neurobiology, and the neural basis of cognitive and emotional processes in humans. Together these courses will provide students with a strong foundation in the neurobiological processes that underlie behavior, motivation, and cognition.  (57 total credits)

*Science co-requisites fulfill most of the pre-med requirements.

Clinical Psychology concentration.

Designed for Psychology B.A. or Psychology B.S. majors with a particular interest in careers in clinical or counseling psychology or clinical social work. The concentration lays a solid foundation in coursework, research, and field experiences to help students decide whether they wish to apply to a graduate program and obtain licensure to practice in a clinical field. Learn more about the Undergraduate Clinical Concentration.