Course # Course Title Instructor Offered
PSYC1011 Psychobiology of Mental Disorders   Some years
PSYC1029 Mind and Brain Lamoureux Some years
PSYC1032 Emotion Heberlein Every year
PSYC1072 Memory in Everyday Life Kensinger Some years
PSYC1091 Thinking about Feelings Heberlein Some years
PSYC1092 Humans & Other Animals: Mental Life Lamoureux Some years
PSYC1110 Introduction to Brain, Mind, and Behavior (formerly Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science) Heyman, Lamoureux Every semester
PSYC1111 Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science Moore Every semester
PSYC1120 Introduction to Behavioral Stats and Research I Brownell, Fields, MacEvoy, Ryu Every year
PSYC1121 Introduction to Behavioral Stats and Research II Ford, MacEvoy Every year
PSYC2234 Abnormal Psychology Ogren Every semester
PSYC2241 Social Psychology Heberlein Every semester
PSYC2242 Personality Theories Russell Every year
PSYC2260 Developmental Psychology Cordes, Moore Every year
PSYC2272 Cognitive Psychology Brownell Every semester
PSYC2274 Sensation and Perception MacEvoy Every semester
PSYC2285 Behavioral Neuroscience Christianson, McDannald Every semester
PSYC2289 Comparative Psych: Study of Animal Behavior Lamoureux Every year
PSYC3327 The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination   Some years
PSYC3328 Aggression, Anxiety, and ADHD Schneider Some years
PSYC3329 Psychophysiology of Stress   Some years
PSYC3331 Developmental Psychopathology Tishelman Every year
PSYC3332 Topics in Developmental Psychopathology Schneider Some years
PSYC3334 Interpersonal Violence Tishelman Every year
PSYC3336 Clinical Psychology Rosen Every semester
PSYC3338 Topics in Abnormal Psychology Ogren Every year
PSYC3339 Understanding Autism Knutsen Every year
PSYC3341 Psychology of Morality Young Some years
PSYC3342 Sport and Exercise Psychology Moore Some years
PSYC3345 Social Motivation Canavan Every year
PSYC3353 Culture and Emotions Russell Some years
PSYC3360 How Extraterrestrials Think Hartshorne Some years
PSYC3362 Mind of a Dog: How Canine Cognition Informs Human Psychology Johnston Some years
PSYC3363 Language Acquisition and Development Hartshorne Some years
PSYC3366 Social and Emotional Development Rosen Every year
PSYC3367 Psychology of Art Winner Every year
PSYC3368 Infancy Cordes Some years
PSYC3369 Understanding the Social World McAuliffe Some years
PSYC3371 Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind and Brain Ritchey Every year
PSYC3372 Affective Neuroscience Bennion Some years
PSYC3373 Learning and Motivation Lamoureux Every year
PSYC3374 Cognitive Aging Ford Some years
PSYC3375 Psych and Neuroscience of Human Memory Kensinger Some years
PSYC3376 Developmental Neuroscience Ogren Some years
PSYC3378 Vision MacEvoy Some years
PSYC3379 Disorders of Language and Communication Brownell Some years
PSYC3381 Psychobiology of Emotional Learning Cole Some years
PSYC3383 Neurobiological Basis of Learning and Memory Lamoureux Every year
PSYC3384 Neurophysiology Christianson Some years
PSYC3385 Neurobiology of Motivation and Emotion Petrovich Some years
PSYC3386 Psychopharmacology Lamoureux Every year
PSYC3388 Neurobiology of Eating and Eating Disorders Petrovich Some years
PSYC3389 Sex and Aggression   Some years
PSYC3390 Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders McDannald Some years
PSYC3391 Ethical Controversies in Psychology and Neuroscience Weidman Some years
PSYC3397 Cognitive and Neural Bases of Person Knowledge Anzellotti Some years
PSYC4401 Research Practicum in Computational Methods Anzellotti Some years
PSYC4431 Positive Psychology Canavan Every year
PSYC4433 Addiction, Choice, and Motivation Heyman Every year
PSYC4434 Psychology of Immigration Schneider Some years
PSYC4435 Images of Mental Illness Schneider Some years
PSYC4436 Clinical Fieldwork in Psych Rosen Every semester
PSYC4437 Stress and Behavior   Some years
PSYC4439 Research Practicum in Clinical Psychology Schneider Some years
PSYC4441 Research Practicum in Sport and Exercise Psych Moore Every year
PSYC4442 Research Practicum in Emotion   Some years
PSYC4443 Research Practicum in Social and Cognitive Methods Heberlein Every year
PSYC4445 Research Practicum in Social Cognition Heberlein Some years
PSYC4446 Social Neuroscience Young Some years
PSYC4447 Individual Differences Canavan Every year
PSYC4448 Achievement Motivation Canavan Every year
PSYC4465 Research Practicum in Developmental Psych Santos Some years
PSYC4466 Current Issues in Developmental Psych Moore Every year
PSYC4468 Research Practicum in Language Acquisition and Development Hartshorne Some years
PSYC4470 Research Practicum in Cognition Psych Brownell Every year
PSYC4471 Research Practicum in Experimental Psych Heyman Every year
PSYC4472 Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective Slotnick Some years
PSYC4473 Event-Related Potentials Kensinger Some years
PSYC4474 Research Practicum Sensation and Perception Ritchey Every year
PSYC4476 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Slotnick Some years
PSYC4477 Research Practicum: Cognitive Psychology of Memory   Some years
PSYC4478 Research Practicum in Human Memory   Some years
PSYC4479 Research Practicum in Neurogastronomy Herz Every year
PSYC4481 Research Practicum in Behavioral Neuroscience   Some years

Graduate & Undergraduate

Course # Course Title Instructor Offered
PSYC5501 Experimental Design and Stats Brownell Every year
PSYC5502 Multiple Regression Ryu Some years
PSYC5540 Advanced Topics in Social Psych Heberlein Some years
PSYC5541 Moral Emotions Young Some years
PSYC5542 Theories of Human Emotion Russell Some years
PSYC5543 Topics in Moral Psych Young Some years
PSYC5545 Advanced Topics in Social Neuroscience Anzellotti Some years
PSYC5560 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psych Cordes Some years
PSYC5561 Mathematical Cognition and Learning Cordes Some years
PSYC5563 Language Acquisition Hartshorne Some years
PSYC5564 Computational Models of Cognition Hartshorne Some years
PSYC5565 Origins of Virtue McAuliffe Some years
PSYC5571 Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience Slotnick Some years
PSYC5574 Neuroscience of Sensation and Perception MacEvoy Some years
PSYC5575 Advanced Affective Neuroscience Kensinger Some years
PSYC5576 Methods in Human Brain Mapping Slotnick Some years
PSYC5577 The Hippocampus Ritchey Some years
PSYC5583 Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory Christianson Some years
PSYC5585 Brain Systems: Motivation and Emotion Petrovich Some years
PSYC5587 Cellular Perspectives on Motivated Behavior McDannald Some years
PSYC5590 History of Psychology Weidman Some years