Our undergraduate curriculum is rooted in Boston College’s liberal arts education; our students reflect on the human condition from varied perspectives as they learn about seminal findings and discuss cutting-edge discoveries in psychology and neuroscience. Faculty balance the teaching and mentorship of our students with the conduct of world-class research, providing our students with ample opportunities to learn by doing and to experience scientific discovery first-hand.

Students have three options for majors within our department: The Psychology B.A. is the most flexible major, well suited to students who wish to pursue a minor in another area or to embrace the range of elective courses offered at the University. The Psychology B.S. and Neuroscience B.S. are designed for students who desire a more research-focused approach to psychological science. The Neuroscience B.S. is designed for those students who are interested in how the brain gives rise to thought and behavior; those who are interested in the many other facets of psychology—including a research-based approach to developmental, social, or abnormal psychology—are encouraged to pursue the Psychology B.S.

Beyond their coursework, undergraduate students become integrated into our department in many ways, including their participation in independent research, clinical internships, and senior theses; through participation in departmental colloquia and workshops; through participation in outreach events to children, young adults, and older adults; and by showcasing their knowledge and learning from other students at the research fairs and the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference.