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Lab Principal Investigator
Arts and Mind Lab Ellen Winner
Attention Allocation Lab; Addiction & Economics Research Project Gene Heyman
Christianson Lab John Christianson
Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab Elizabeth Kensinger
Cooperation Lab Katherine McAuliffe
Emotion Development Lab James Russell
Infant and Child Cognition Lab Sara Cordes
Language Learning Lab Joshua Hartshorne
McDannald Lab Michael McDannald
Memory Modulation Lab Maureen Ritchey
Memory, Attention, and Perception Lab Scott Slotnick
Morality Lab Liane Young
Neurobiology of Feeding Behavior Lab Gorica Petrovich
Social and Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Lab Stefano Anzellotti
  Andrea Heberlein
  Jeffrey Lamoureux
  Sean MacEvoy

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