Psychology Faculty

Michael McDannald

Assistant Professor



Representative Publications

DiLeo A, Wright KM and McDannald MA (2016). “Sub-second fear discrimination in rats: Adult impairment in adolescent heavy alcohol drinkers.” Learning & Memory 23: 618-622.

Lopatina N, McDannald MA, Steyer CV, Peterson J, Sadacca BF, Cheer JF and Schoenbaum G (2016). “Medial orbitofrontal neurons preferentially signal cues predicting changes in reward during unblocking.” Journal of Neuroscience 36(32): 8416-8424.

Lopatina N, McDannald MA, Steyer CV, Sadacca BF, Cheer JF and Schoenbaum G (2015). “Lateral orbitofrontal neurons acquire responses to upshifted, downshifted, or blocked cues during Pavlovian unblocking.” eLife 10.7554/eLife.11299.

Wright KM, DiLeo A and McDannald MA (2015). “Early adversity disrupts the adult use of aversive prediction errors to reduce fear in uncertainty.” Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 9:277.

DiLeo A, Wright KM, Mangone E, McDannald MA (2015). “Alcohol gains access to appetitive learning through adolescent heavy drinking.” Behavioral Neuroscience 129(4): 371-9.

Cooch N, Stalnaker TA, Chaudry S, McDannald MA, Liu TZ, Wied H, Schoenbaum G (2015). “Orbitofrontal lesions eliminate signaling of biological significance in cue-responsive ventral striatal neurons.” Nature Communications 6: 7195.

McDannald MA (2015). “Serotonin: Waiting but Not Rewarding.” Current Biology 25(3): R103-104.

McDannald MA, Esber GR, Wegener MA, Wied H, Liu TL, Stalnaker TA, Jones JL, Trageser J and Schoenbaum G (2014). “Orbitofrontal neurons acquire responses to ‘valueless’ Pavlovian cues during unblocking.” eLife 10.7554/eLife.02653.