Psychology Faculty

Andrea Heberlein

Senior Lecturer



Representative Publications

Heberlein AS, Chen JA, Trinh N (in press). Implicit bias in mental health care. In: Sociocultural Psychiatry: A Casebook and Curriculum, N. Trinh, and J. Chen (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press.

Kraft-Todd GT, Reinero, DA, Kelley JM, Heberlein AS, Baer L, Riess H (2017). Empathic nonverbal behavior improves ratings of both warmth and competence in a medical context. PLOS One12(5): e0177758.

Olson KR, Heberlein AS, Kensinger E, Spelke ES, Dweck CS, Banaji MR (2013). The role of forgetting in undermining good intentions. PLOS One8(11): e79091.