Course # Course Title Instructor Offered
PSYC6601 Structural Equation Modeling Ryu Some years
PSYC6602 Missing Data Analysis Ryu Some years
PSYC6605 Intro to Multivariate Stats Wu Some years
PSYC6690 Scientific Writing Russell Some years
Course # Course Title Instructor Offered
PSYC5501 Experimental Design and Stats Wu Every year
PSYC5502 Multiple Regression Ryu Some years
PSYC5540 Advanced Topics in Social Psych Heberlein Some years
PSYC5541 Moral Emotions Young Some years
PSYC5542 Theories of Human Emotion Russell Some years
PSYC5543 Topics in Moral Psych Young Some years
PSYC5560 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psych Cordes Some years
PSYC5563 Language Acquisition Hartshorne Some years
PSYC5564 Computational Models of Cognition Hartshorne Some years
PSYC5571 Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience Slotnick Some years
PSYC5574 Neuroscience of Sensation and Perception MacEvoy Some years
PSYC5575 Advanced Affective Neuroscience Kensinger Some years
PSYC5576 Methods in Human Brain Mapping Slotnick Some years
PSYC5577 The Hippocampus Ritchey Some years
PSYC5583 Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory Christianson Some years
PSYC5585 Brain Systems: Motivation and Emotion Petrovich Some years
PSYC5587 Cellular Perspectives on Motivated Behavior McDannald Some years
PSYC5590 History of Psychology Weidman Some years