Why an English Major?

The English major at Boston College explores traditional forms of creativity and expression while honing skills demanded by a rapidly changing workplace.  Literature represents enduring questions that concern us as we grapple with our world as we find it.  It also embodies the capacity to imagine our world as it might become.  As we pursue both endeavors, the stories we tell matter; so too does the language we use to bring them forth. Rigorous and flexible, BC’s English major allows students to explore the pleasures of reading and writing while it deepens critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and effective articulation. You’ll acquire multiple literacies as you learn to interpret a wide range of texts and genres.  You’ll also hone your rhetorical versatility, deepening your ability to produce different kinds of writing for a variety of purposes and settings.  These skills will help prepare you for a wide range of today’s existing careers; they will also foster the adaptability that will enable you to pursue careers that are only just emerging.

BC's English Department was formative in shaping my passion for writing. Through my creative and critical coursework, I was able to write for the stage and beyond, and to understand what makes the work important in a larger context.
Brysen Boyd, '17, MFA student in creative writing, Columbia University