Working Groups

Early Modern Reading Group

Includes faculty, PhD students, and MA students, and meets two or three times per semester. Focus changes each semester and has included readings in Latin, broadside ballads, New Historicism, and texts that feature strong female characters.

Contact: Laura Sterrett

Religion and Literature Collaborative

Includes faculty, PhD students, and MA students, as well as graduate students from the philosophy and theology departments, who are interested in reading texts and discussing topics related to the intersection of religion and literature. Our most recent topics have been orthodoxies in literature, post-secular literary criticism and literature, and Catholicism in 20th-century fiction.  We meet approximately 3 times a semester.

Contact: Laura Sterrett

American Studies Working Group

Includes faculty, PhD students, and MA students, and meets 1-2 times per semester. Topics include guest speakers, how to turn a seminar paper into a conference presentation, and other areas of student interest.

Contact: Tina Klein

Pedagogy Seminar

Open to PhD students. This year we're focusing our discussions on chapters from Teaching Literature by Elaine Showalter. We meet 2-3 times a semester.

Contact: Megan Lease and Laura Sterrett.

Postcolonial Social Theory and the Sociology of Race

This reading group is sponsored by the Institute for the Liberal Arts during 2017-2018 and is open to faculty and graduate students across the university. Discussions focus on two texts: Julian Go’s Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory and Mon-Kie Jung’s Beneath the Surface of White Supremacy: Denaturalizing U.S Racisms Past and Present. Both authors will visit campus in the spring.

Contact: Zine Magubane