Masters of Arts in Teaching

The M.A.T. in English is designed for those students who wish to teach English at the secondary school level. Interested students apply to the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, NOT the English department.

Students who pursue a M.A.T. in English are closely advised by the Lynch school faculty to ensure a strong background in a variety of subject areas. Such a foundation is necessary to prepare future teachers for the range of material they may be called upon to teach in a secondary school program.

Under the guidance of their LSOE advisors, M.A.T. students must fulfill the requirements listed below. These requirements may be filled through previous coursework, courses offered through the Lynch School, the English department or other A&S departments (i.e. Slavic and Eastern Languages).

  • Evolution of the understanding of the English language and the historical influences on its various forms.
  • English grammars.
  • Semantics, syntax, morphology, and phenology.
  • Use of the processes of composing to create various forms of oral, visual, and written literacy.
  • Use a wide range of writing strategies to generate meaning and to clarify understanding.
  • Knowledge of a broad historical and contemporary spectrum of United States, British and world literatures.
  • Works from a range of cultures.
  • Works from a range of genres.
  • Works by female authors.
  • Works by authors of color.
  • Works of literary theory and criticism.

Upon completion of required coursework M.A.T. students are required to take a comprehensive exam, administered by the Lynch School, that will ensure their proficiency in the above subject areas.