Why study English? 

Literature explores many of the enduring questions we confront as we grapple with our world. At the same time, it emboldens our capacity to re-imagine that world. 

The stories we tell matter, as does the language used to give those stories shape. Our programs explore the pleasures of reading and writing while strengthening skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Our faculty guide you in acquiring multiple literacies as you learn to interpret a wide range of texts and genres. Our programs prepare you for a wide range of existing careers; they also foster the adaptability to help you in careers that are still emerging.

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Joycestick: The Gamification of 'Ulysses'

We look at VR as the ultimate empathy machine, in that we don’t simply want to excite the readers – the viewers – but to move them to engage them with the emotions and events in the book.
Joseph Nugent


Where do our graduates work?

New York Magazine

Freelance writer

Penguin Random House

Associate Editor 


Staff Reporter

National Geographic Traveler


Chronicle of Higher Education


Chief of Surgery

Eastern Regional Medical Center


Dow Jones News Service


Seton Hall University

Assistant Professor

Account Manager 

Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising