detail of Neon Fractals

Claire Abely '15, detail of Neon Fractals , 2015 (mixed media).

The department offers three programs: Art HistoryFilm Studies, and Studio Art.

Art History majors can choose to follow a course of study focusing on either the Western or non-Western artistic tradition. The major involves a minimum of 11 courses. The minor in Art History (requiring a minimum of six courses) provides the student with an introduction to the art of both Western and non-Western cultures.

Film Studies majors take a minimum of 12 courses to develop both critical and technical skills in the field. The Film Studies minor requires a minimum of six courses, including courses in both production and history or criticism, that provide students with a solid understanding of the role of film in society.

The Studio Art major requires a minimum of 12 courses that give students the opportunity to develop their technical skills and understanding of conceptual issues involved in the creative process. Studio Art minors, who must declare the minor prior to the end of their junior year, take a minimum of six courses that allow them to pursue a focused exploration of one medium (ceramics, drawing, mixed media, painting or photography).