About the Art, Art History, and Film Department

Offering undergraduate programs in Art History, Film Studies, and Studio Art, the Art Department curriculum is informed by the research and practice of faculty abreast of evolving ideas in three disciplines. Through interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches, classes emphasize the primacy of visual literacy in the formation of the engaged, humanistic individual. Focusing on undergraduate learning, faculty work closely with students to guide them in their respective areas of inquiry. Our curriculum complements and intersects those of many departments at the University as well as programming at the McMullen Museum of Art. A plethora of cultural and educational institutions in the greater Boston area also provide opportunity for further exploration and discovery.

The killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks are the most recent examples of institutionalized violence against Black Americans. The Art, Art History, and Film department stands against racism. We recognize that art has a mixed legacy when it comes to historical injustice, at times perpetuating racism and in other cases offering a powerful tool for combating it. We will work to address issues of race and racial injustice in our curriculum and to celebrate Black artists, indigenous artists, artists of color, art historians of color, and those underrepresented in our disciplines and institutions. As a department, we are taking steps towards creating a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible community. Our plan of action will be posted publicly in the next few months. This is an ongoing commitment and we welcome any thoughts and feedback along the way.