Woods College Faculty

Scott Madden

Part-Time Faculty

M.S. in Leadership Program


Thought leader, teacher and life-long student of emotional intelligence, societal trends, behaviors and empathy.

Humanizer of brands who embrace the philosophy that a successful brand today is defined not only by its ability to sustain profitable growth, but as a significant and consistent provider of societal value.

In my day job I oversee Connelly Partners' talented strategic planning department where we integrate and analyze critical data points and customer insights to inform brand and marketing strategies. I am also charged with ensuring the continuous evolution of our agency capabilities through innovation, human science and technology.

In the evening, I share my practical knowledge, strategic principles and real world experience within a graduate course offering at Woods College. We focus on behavioral and data science, leading-edge digital technologies, modernized research methodologies and the translation and execution of brand, business and marketing strategies in the digital era.