Woods College Faculty

Ashuraj Sirohi

Adjunct Faculty

M.S. in Applied Economics Program


My interests are in understanding the ever increasing use of data and techniques in finance.

Over the years, I have enabled a number of finance and technology firms to understand and manage risks arising from big data and the use of modeling techniques.

At present, I am the Chief Risk Officer at Mascoma Bank. The use of consumer data for credit decisioning and numerous other use cases when using AI/ML and big data techniques pose a unique set of opportunities for the industry. The firms can better serve customers by understanding and managing this risk. An emerging opportunity of AI/ML techniques is online fraud monitoring and detecting bad actors and suspicious activities.

Prior to Mascoma Bank, I worked at Citizens Bank in model risk management, a front-office quantitative analytics role at UBS Investment bank, John Hancock, Harvard University endowment, a hedge fund, software firm amongst others.