Theology Minor

Drawing on an internationally recognized theological faculty, students pursuing a minor in theology may choose either to explore the various areas of the discipline of theology generally, or to focus on one area in particular. For example, a minor might engage the teachings and spirituality of the Roman Catholic Church; or a particular era in the history of the Christian theology; or current ethical issues; or Jewish Studies; or biblical studies; or the beliefs and practices of another major world religion—or all of the above.


The Theology minor consists of the Theology Core requirement plus five 3-credit courses that are Level Two or above.

Related Programs

Faith, Peace, and Justice Minor

The Faith, Peace, and Justice Minor offers students the opportunity to explore, in an interdisciplinary manner, how their own serious questions about faith, peace, and justice are related to concrete work for peace and justice in our world. The goals of the FPJ Program are to help undergraduate students acquire and develop skills in:

  • empirical, social scientific analysis of concrete issues related to justice and peace.
  • gaining a solid intellectual and moral grasp of the ethical and theological principles which arise from these issues.
  • learning how to formulate public policy or to initiate social change which would help solve these problems.

Religion and Public Life Interdisciplinary Minor

The Religion and Public Life minor will offer students a way to explore and connect diverse conversations about the role of religion in public life. Bringing together a wide array of courses to choose from, the Religion and Public Life minor will have an interdisciplinary emphasis and be composed of six courses, one introductory course and five electives.