Dissertations & Placements


Ph.D. Defenses 2022-2023

Sara-Bernard Hoverstad - From Religious Cosmology to Environmental Praxis: Empowering Agency for Sustainable Social Change – Prof. Kristin Heyer, dissertation director

John Carter - The Communitarian Conscience: A Theological Response to the Legal Debates about Religious Freedom – Prof. Cathy Kaveny, dissertation director

Joseph (Joe) Collins - The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love: Retrieving Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas on the Relationship of Understanding and Love – Prof. Frederick Lawrence, dissertation director

Robert (Zac) Karanovich - Conversion in a World of Violence: Toward a Theology of Conversion with Johann Baptist Metz, James Alison, and Thomas Merton – Prof. Brian Robinette, dissertation director

John Kern - Charismatic Christ, Charismatic Church: The Development of the Gratia Gratis Data in Thomas Aquinas's Theology in Light of the Summa Halensis – Prof. Boyd Coolman, dissertation director

Lindsay Marcellus - Perfecting Ecological Rationality: Acknowledging Sin and the Cardinal Virtue of Humility – Prof. James Keenan, dissertation director

Emma McDonald - Forming Agents, Forming Families: Moral Agency in the Context of Procreation – Prof. Lisa Sowle Cahill, dissertation director

Bethany Slater - Becoming Wholehearted: Constructing a Jewish Liturgical Asceticism – Prof. Ruth Langer, dissertation director

Stephen Surh - Visibile Parlare: An Essay on Dante's Commedia – Prof. Boyd Coolman, dissertation director

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Sara Bernard-Hoverstad – Gonzaga University, Office of Mission and Ministry 

John Carter – Wake Forest University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (School of Law) and Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Law, and Public Life (Wake Forest University School of Divinity) 

Joseph (Joe) Collins  

Robert (Zac) Karanovich – Mount Mary University, Assistant Professor 

John Kern – Pepperdine University, Seaver College, Visiting Instructor of Religion and Great Books 

Lindsay Marcellus – Carnegie- Mellon University, Institute for Politics and Strategy, Communications Specialist 

Emma McDonald – Villanova University, Assistant Professor 

Bethany Slater – Claremont Colleges Hillel, Executive Director 

Stephen Surh  – Wellesley College, Visiting Lecturer in Italian Studies

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