Psychology Faculty

Joshua Hartshorne

Assistant Professor




Dr. Hartshorne received his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard University (advisor: Jesse Snedeker) and did his post-doctoral research at MIT with Josh Tenenbaum. Prior to graduate school, he worked with John Monahan, Yuhong Jiang, and Michael Ullman.

Representative Publications

Hartshorne, J. K., Tenenbaum, J. B., & Pinker, S. (2018). A critical period for second language acquisition: Evidence from 2/3 million English speakers. Cognition.

Hartshorne, J. K., O’Donnell, T. J., Sudo, Y., Uruwashi, M., Lee, M., & Snedeker, J. (2016). Psych verbs, the linking problem, and the acquisition of language. Cognition.

Hartshorne, J. K., & Germine, L. T. (2015). When does cognitive functioning peak? The asynchronous rise and fall of different cognitive abilities across the life span. Psychological Science, 26(4):433–443.