Chemistry Department Faculty

Huiqing (Jane) Zhou

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Chicago Fellows Fellowship 2017


Zhou, H.; Rauch, S.; Dai, Q.; Cui, X.; Zhang, Z.; Nachtergaele, S.; Sepich, C.; He, C.; Dickinson, B.C. (2019) Evolution of A Reverse Transcriptase to Map N1-Methyladenosine in Human mRNA. Nature Methods., 16, 1281-1288.

Zhou, H.; Sathyamoorthy, B.; Stelling, A.; Xu, Y.; Xue, Y.;  Pigli, Y. Z.; Case, D.; Rice, P. A.; Al-Hashimi, H. M. (2019) Resolving crystallographic ambiguity in Watson-Crick versus Hoogsteen base-pairing in a DNA-protein complex using NMR and site-specifically 13C/15N labeled DNA. Biochemistry, 58, 1963-1974.

Zhou, H.; Kimsey, I. J.; Nikolova, E. N.; Sathyamoorthy, B.; Grazioli, G.; McSally, J.; Bai, T.; Wunderlich, C. H.; Kreutz, C.; Andricioaei, I.; Al-Hashimi, H. M. (2016) m1A and m1G disrupt A-RNA structure through the intrinsic instability of Hoogsteen base pairs. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 23, 803-810.

Zhou, H.; Hintze B.J.; Kimsey, I. J.; Sathyamoorthy, B.; Yang S.; Richardson, J.S.; Al-Hashimi, H. M. (2015) New insights into Hoogsteen base pairs in DNA duplexes from a structure-based survey. Nucleic Acids Res., 43, 3420-3433.