Faculty and Syllabi

James Weiss

Associate Professor


UNCP 5500: One Life, Many Lives

Spring 2024: Thu 4:30 p.m. - 6:50 p.m.


Karen Arnold


UNCP 5570: Adulting

Spring 2024: Not Offered


Elizabeth Bracher

Director of Courage to Know, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

UNCP550101: Capstone: The Courage to Becoming

Spring 2024: MON 4:30–6:50 p.m.


John Joseph Burns

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Provost Office

UNCP 5532: Boston College, Your Life


Robert F. Capalbo

Associate Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations, Office of Development

UNCP 5505: Life and Career Planning

Spring 2024, section 1: Tu 5:00PM-7:20PM
Spring 2024, section 2: Wed 430PM-7:00PM


Deborah De Chiara-Quenzer

Associate Professor of the Practice

UNCP551901/PHIL541901: Capstone: A Life Well Lived

Spring 2024: Not Offered


Dacia Gentilella

Asstant Director, Outreach & Support, Learning to Learn

    UNCP 5512: Mindful First Gen Success

    Spring 2024: 4:30  to 6:50


    Brad Harrington

    Associate Research Professor

    UNCP 5562: Finding and Following Your Calling

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    Thusitha Jayasundera

    Director, Magnetic Resonance Center

    UNCP 5521: Surviving Life with Humor

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield

    Associate Professor of the Practice

    UNCP 5517: Love and Indoctrination

    Spring 2024:  Tu 04:30PM-06:50PM


    UNCP 5557: Life, A Tightrope - Coming Soon

    Fall 2021: Not Offered


    Jeffrey Lamoureux

    Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies

    UNCP 5569: How We Decide

    Spring 2024: Tu 04:30PM-06:50PM


    Paula Mathieu

    Associate Professor

    Mindfulness and Storytelling

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    H. John McDargh

    Associate Professor


    UNCP 5523: Telling Our Stories, Telling Our Lives

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    David McMenamin

    Associate Professor of the Practice

    UNCP 5550: Building a Life

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    Paul W. McNellis, S.J.

    Part-Time Faculty

    UNCP 5553: Poets, Philosophers, and Mapmakers

    Spring 2024:  Th 04:30PM-06:50PM


    Susan Michalczyk 

    Associate Professor of the Practice

    UNCP 5509: Capstone: Your Future, Your Choice

    Spring 2024: Th 03:00PM-05:20PM

    Dorothy Miller

    Dorothy Miller

    Part-time Faculty

    UNCP 5544 The Vision Quest: A Mulitcultural Approach to Self Discovery

    Spring 2024: Not offered


    Timothy P. Muldoon

    Associate Professor of the Practice of Philosophy

    UNCP 5533: Desire and Discernment

    Spring 2024: Mon 4:30-6:50 


    Scott Olivieri

    Office of University Communications
    Director, Web Services

    UNCP 5511: The Balancing Act

    Fall 2023: Tues 4:30-6:50
    Spring 2024: Tues 4:30-6:50 


    Tracy Regan

    Professor of the Practice

    UNCP 5527: Your Roaring 20s (And Beyond)

    Spring 2024: Tues 4:30-6:50 


    Susan Roberts

    Associate Professor of the Practice

    UNCP 5522: Creativity and Self

     Th 02:00PM-04:20PM

    Akua Sarr

    Akua Sarr

    Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    UNCP 5514: Growing Up Ethnic In America

    Spring 2024: Th 4:30 p.m. - 6:50 p.m.

    David Storey

    David Storey

    Associate Professor of the Practice

    UNCP551801: Capstone: Working, Playing, Being

    Spring 2024: M 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


    Ethan Sullivan

    Assistant Dean and Director of the Honors Program, The Carroll School of Management

    UNCP 5565: The Moral of the Story

    Spring 2024: Not Offered


    Sandra Waddock

    Galligan Chair of Strategy


    UNCP 5548: Leadership and Mindfulness

    Spring 2024: Not offered