How to Enroll in a Capstone

It's easy to enroll in a Capstone and a few "secret features" make it easier. First keep in mind that even with the variety of course topics, every Capstone does the same thing, helps you review your education and helps you preview lifelong commitments to work, relationships, society, and spirituality. So even if the course topic you wanted isn't available, every seminar will help you with your personal development. Also remember you're allowed to take only one Capstone at Boston College.

How do you enroll? Every Capstone is listed as a University course between UN 500 and UN 599. Other UN courses are not Capstones. But many Capstones are cross-listed in the home departments of the professors, except for professors in the sciences. Therefore some seats in each course are assigned to the UN listing, some to the department listing. Try both.

What if you can't get in? Many professors keep a wait list. Some even reserve seats so that students who are eager enough to call will get in. Call or e-mail the professor to explain your interest and your chances will usually be strong. If you get a "bad" registration number it makes sense to call the professor before registration begins. Many are happy to reserve a spot early.

Rules and Policies

Capstone is open only to seniors and second-semester juniors.

Capstone cannot be taken Pass/Fail.

The College allows students to take only one Capstone seminar, whether under UN or department number or whether in one semester or more. This is to assure fairness to many students who can't get into Capstone. If you do take more than one, your dean will remove it from your record and you will be one course short at graduation.

If a Capstone is cross-listed in the professor's home department (e.g., Philosophy, Communication, English, Theology, Economics, Sociology), it usually counts as an elective toward the major. Check to make sure.

Capstones usually take 15 students because a limited number promotes better discussions. At the professor's discretion some courses go to a maximum of 20.