Welcome to the Capstone Program

We hope you’ll discover why so many students find Capstone a dynamic and meaningful conclusion to their college experience.

The Capstone Program at Boston College is a unique opportunity for seniors and second-semester juniors to review their educations and to preview their upcoming long-term commitments in life. Unlike Capstone courses at most other schools, the BC Capstone does not serve as a final course in one’s major. Instead, we focus on the student’s personal development—in relationships, society, academics, spirituality, career, and personal skills.

As you visit our website, you’ll find a rich variety of courses that make up Capstone. You will meet the faculty—about 25 of us from 20 different departments and offices, including deans, administrators, and program directors. New faculty join us every year.

The ground rules for Capstone are simple: you take it as a senior or second-semester junior. You take only one before graduation. You cannot take any Capstone class pass/fail; you must take it for a grade. Courses are kept small to provide great discussions. Some courses may serve as electives for some majors.

Questions? Contact the Director:
Fr. James M. Weiss