Registering for Courses

Economics Electives

The department offers a wide variety of electives covering the major fields in economics and also reflecting the research interests of the faculty. Courses at the 2000-level require Principles and/or Statistics as prerequisites. Courses at the 3000-level require one or both Theory courses. A growing number of upper-level electives may have additional requirements, such as Econometrics. Consult the course listings for specific information on course content and prerequisites.

Writing-Intensive Courses

Each semester the department will offer several electives in a writing-intensive format with lower enrollments and a significant writing component. These courses provide excellent opportunities to develop writing skills and to get to know a professor more closely. Consult the course listings each semester for up-to-date information on which courses are being offered in this format.

Graduate Courses

Juniors or seniors with exceptional records and with good mathematical backgrounds are invited to take one or more courses offered in the Ph.D. program (courses numbered in the 7000's and 8000's).