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James E. Anderson

William B. Neenan, S.J. Millennium Professor



Working Papers and Published Works

ZIP archive containing Anderson's MS Excel CGE model for calculating the Trade Restrictiveness Index (TRI) with minimal production structure information, together with MS-Word user documentation, as described in Anderson and Neary. (4/96: ZIP format, 89 Kb). The documentation is also available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Working Paper 1021. James E. Anderson (Boston College) and Penglong Zhang (Tsinghua University, School of Public Policy and Management), "Latent Exports: Almost Ideal Gravity and Zeros." (12/2020; PDF)

Working Paper 1020. James E. Anderson (Boston College) and Yoto V. Yotov (Drexel University), "Pound for Pound Export Diversification." (12/2020; PDF)

Working Paper 930. James E. Anderson, , "N-S Trade with Weak Institutions", (06/2017; PDF)

"Sufficient statistics for tariff reform when revenue matters", with J. Peter Neary, 2016. Journal of International Economics, 98, 150-159

Working Paper 928. James E. Anderson and Yoto V. Yotov (Drexel University), "Short Run Gravity", (05/2017; PDF)

Working Paper 795. James E. Anderson and Yoto V. Yotov (Drexel University), "Gold Standard Gravity" (01/2012; PDF)

Working Paper 780. James E. Anderson and Yoto V. Yotov (Drexel University), "Terms of Trade and Global Efficiency Effects of Free Trade Agreements, 1990-2002" (09/2011; PDF)

Working Paper 732. James E. Anderson, "The Incidence of Gravity" (01/2010; forthcoming in The Gravity Model in International Trade: Advances and Applications, Steven Brakman and Peter Bergeijk, eds.)

Working Paper 731. James E. Anderson and Will Martin (World Bank), "Costs of Taxation and Benefits of Public Goods with Multiple Taxes and Goods" (01/2010; forthcoming, Journal of Public Economic Theory)

Working Paper 703. James E. Anderson, "Commercial Policy in a Predatory World" (05/2008)

Working Paper 702. James E. Anderson, "Consistent Trade Policy Aggregation" (02/2008; published, International Economic Review, 50, 903-927, 2009)

Working Paper 701. James E. Anderson, "Terrorism, Trade and Public Policy" (12/2008)

Working Paper 700. James E. Anderson, "Gravity, Productivity and the Pattern of Production and Trade" (12/2008)

Working Paper 699. James E. Anderson, "Globalization and Income Distribution: A Specific Factors Continuum" (12/2008)

Working Paper 698. James E. Anderson and Yoto Yotov (Drexel University), "The Changing Incidence of Geography" (12/2008; forthcoming, American Economic Review)

Working Paper 673. James E. Anderson, "Economic Integration and the Civilizing Commerce Hypothesis" (09/2005: PDF; published, World Economy, 31, 141-157, 2008)

Working Paper 672. James E. Anderson, "Does Trade Foster Contract Enforcement?" (07/2007: PDF; published, Economic Theory, 41, 105-131, 2009)

Working Paper 617. Will Martin (World Bank) and James E. Anderson, "Costs of Taxation and the Benefits of Public Goods: The Role of Income Effects" (09/2005: PDF; updated version available as WP 731)

Working Paper 601. James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary (University College Dublin), "Welfare versus Market Access: The Implications of Tariff Structure for Tariff Reform" (08/2004: PDF; published, Journal of International Economics, 2007, 71, 187-205)

Working Paper 594. James E. Anderson and Maurizio Zanardi (Tilburg University), "Political Pressure Deflection" (02/2004: PDF; published, Public Choice, 141, 129-50, 2009)

Working Paper 593. James E. Anderson and Eric van Wincoop (University of Virginia), "Trade Costs" (04/2004: PDF; published, Journal of Economic Literature, 42, 691-751, 2004)

Working Paper 508. James E. Anderson and Eric van Wincoop (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), "Borders, Trade and Welfare" (09/2001: PDF; published in Brookings Trade Policy Forum 2001, Dani Rodrik and Susan Collins, eds., 2002)

Working Paper 485. James E. Anderson and Eric van Wincoop (Federal Reserve Bank of New York},"Gravity with Gravitas: A Solution to the Border Puzzle" (11/2000: PDF; published, American Economic Review, 2003, 93, 170-92)

Working Paper 480. James E. Anderson and Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics), "Mafias as Enforcers" (10/2000: PDF; published as "Private Enforcement and Social Efficiency", Journal of Development Economics, 2005, 77, 341-66)

Working Paper 475. James E. Anderson and Leslie Young (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Trade Implies Law: The Power of the Weak" (03/2000: PDF)

Working Paper 428. James E. Anderson, "Why Do Nations Trade (So Little)?" (08/1999: PDF; published in Pacific Economic Review, 5 (2000), 115-134)

Working Paper 418. James E. Anderson and Douglas Marcouiller, S.J., "Insecurity and the Pattern of Trade: An Empirical Investigation" (Rev. 08/2000: PDF; previously circulated as "Trade, Insecurity and Home Bias: an Empirical Investigation")

Working Paper 417. James E. Anderson, "Trade Reform Diagnostics with Many Households, Quotas, and Tariffs" (Rev. 05/2000: PDF; published, Review of International Economics, 2002, 10, 215-36)

Working Paper 416. James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary (University College Dublin), "The Mercantilist Index of Trade Policy" (11/1998: PDF; published, International Economic Review, 2003, 44, 627-49)

Working Paper 383. James E. Anderson and Douglas Marcouiller, S.J., "Anarchy and Autarky: Endogenous Predation as a Barrier to Trade" (revised 10/2001: 144 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published, International Economic Review, 46, 189-213, 2005)

Working Paper 360. James E. Anderson, "The Uruguay Round and Welfare in Some Distorted Agricultural Economies" (1/97: 220 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published, Journal of Development Economics, 1998, 393-410)

Working Paper 348. James E. Anderson, "Trade Reform with a Government Budget Constraint," (10/96: 176 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published in Trade Policy and the Pacific Rim, J. Piggott and A. Woodland, eds., Macmillan/International Economic Association, 1999)

Working Paper 316. James E. Anderson, Will Martin (World Bank), "The Welfare Analysis of Fiscal Policy: A Simple Unified Account" (4/96: 99 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; also available in Microsoft Word 6 format as a ZIP file).

Working Paper 308. James Anderson, "Effective Protection Redux" (9/95: 83Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published, Journal of International Economics, 1998, 44:21-44)

Working Paper 290. James Anderson, "Trade Restrictiveness Benchmarks" (6/95: 99Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published, Economic Journal, 1998, 108:1111-1125)

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