Research & Clinical Focus

The Connell School of Nursing has an enduring tradition of research. Our faculty are dedicated to research that examines the lifespan from premature infants to end-of-life care and ranges across translational science from bench research to global health.


CSON's Scientific Mission

To develop and disseminate knowledge for the advancement of professional nursing practice and the improvement of health and health care for a diverse global society

Undergraduate Research Fellows


The Undergraduate Research Fellows (UGRF) program aims to foster research immersion experiences and develop a robust scientific pipeline. Undergraduate students are paired to work on research projects with research-intensive faculty and their teams, and are financially compensated for their timeand effort. Many UGRFs contribute substantially to scientific products including presentations as well as published abstracts and papers.

Pillars of Innovation

Focal areas of research under this pillar of innovation include maternal-child health, inequities in access and health outcomes, adolescent wellness and risk behaviors, sexual health, sexual and gender minority health, and feeding difficulty in infants and young children.

Selected Faculty

Major areas of science under this pillar of innovation include aging and gerontology, self-management of acute and chronic illness, patient and care partner dyads and caregiving, culturally tailored interventions to prevent illness, and palliative care.

Person- and Family-Oriented Aging

Areas of emphasis under this pillar include patient safety, health services research, workforce development, outcomes related to quality of nursing care, health care decision-making, ethics, and realigning health care to match patient values.

Safety and Quality of Care

Research News

The Marjory Gordon Program

Through an International Fellows Program, a bi-annual conference, online courses, and a partnership with NANDA-I, the Marjory Gordon Program promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge about patients' response to illness, clinical reasoning and decision making, and patient care delivery.

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