Choose Nursing

In January, the Connell School of Nursing wrote a letter to academic and clinical nurses across the country asking a simple question: Why do you choose nursing? Your answers are inspiring, optimistic, and a testament to the profound impact of the nursing profession.

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Why do you choose nursing?


Dear friend,

As nurse leaders with many demands and few reprieves, it is rare that we have a moment to reflect. The new year offers us one such moment. As I think about the past year—one full of challenges, heartache, and uncertainty for what lies ahead—I find solace where I have found it before: in my life as a nurse and in our nursing profession.

I say this knowing full well the trials and tribulations our profession faces. I read the headlines and see firsthand the growing concern over the practice environment, nursing workforce, and the brokenness of a health care system that seems too complex to fix.

But I also see the resilience of our profession and a community of talented individuals who are called to do this work. We rise to meet these challenges and stand shoulder to shoulder—sure-handed and with a fortitude that is emblematic of our calling—in pursuit of a healthier and more compassionate world.

I am grateful every day that we chose nursing, and I am inspired by your unwavering commitment to the mission of advancing human health and the common good. It is a privilege to be part of this collective effort to nurture and sustain the next generation of nurses.

This year, we are once again entrusted with guiding our profession forward. Let us seize this opportunity to uplift and support each other. Let us galvanize one another with our actions and voices.

Why do you choose nursing?

I would love to learn what inspires you to choose nursing on the enclosed postcard. I will gladly share what I learn.

Wishing you a new year filled with health, happiness, and boundless possibilities.

Katherine E. Gregory
Connell School of Nursing
Boston College