The Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development is a global initiative of the Connell School of Nursing and NANDA International, an organization that works to standardize nursing terminology. The Gordon Program, which started in 2017, promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge on an international scale through events and programming that encourage nurses to engage in dialogue and increase their knowledge on issues such as patients' response to illness, clinical reasoning, decision-making, and patient care delivery.

NANDA-I Conference



Dorothy A. Jones

Dorothy A. Jones, Ed.D., APRN, FAAN, FNI
Director of the Marjory Gordon Program for Knowledge Development and Clinical Reasoning

A Global Partnership

Nanda International

NANDA-I is a professional association that defines and standardizes nursing terminology used in nursing practice, research, educational curricula, and informatics.

The Marjory Gordon Program, a focus of the Connell School of Nursing and NANDA-I, advances, educates, and disseminates nursing knowledge internationally. The Program also fosters a deeper understanding for the articulation of nursing’s contribution to patient, family, and community care outcomes through clinical reasoning and the testing and refinement of nursing language (nursing diagnosis).

Through online educational programs and a biennial conference, nurses can participate in the advancement of nursing knowledge and engage in dialogue around clinical reasoning and the communication of nursing judgments about patients using nursing diagnosis. 

These experiences foster dialogue among nurses and other professionals and uncover nursing knowledge that will influence education, change professional practice, impact health policy, and help shape the future of nursing research.

NANDA-International Conference

Shaping, Informing, and Communicating Nursing and the Human Experience

June 14–16, 2023
at Boston College

Hosted in partnership with the Connell School of Nursing, the biennial NANDA-International Conference welcomes nursing experts from around the world to Boston College to discuss improving standards of care and redefining the role of leadership in health care. 


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Nursing Diagnoses:
Definitions and Classification

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