The Boston College Carroll School of Management’s part-time MBA program is holding strong as the highest-ranked program of its kind in New England, according to the latest survey by U.S. News & World Report.

The program landed at no. 23 in the United States, five steps above its showing last year. That places it ahead of regional counterparts, including Boston University (33rd), the University of Massachusetts Amherst (45th), and Northeastern (50th).

The school’s full-time MBA took the 46th spot in the nation, making it fifth in New England, behind Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and MIT. The new rankings for the Carroll School programs, together known as “the BC MBA,” appeared in the “U.S. News Best Graduate Programs” survey released on April 9 for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year.

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The survey also looked at the earnings of new graduates, finding that the Carroll School’s full-time MBA class of 2023 netted an average total compensation of $151,115 annually. Approximately 90 percent of that class accepted job offers within three months of graduation.

Meanwhile, in the specialty rankings for MBA studies, the Carroll School’s graduate accounting program placed 8th (two notches above last year’s ranking), while finance advanced to no. 10. Business analytics and marketing ranked 19th and 21st, respectively. “We have a strong commitment to personalized student engagement,” said Marilyn Eckelman, Carroll School dean of graduate programs, offering one reason for the strong showings. “Carroll School faculty and staff exemplify this dedication through their genuine care for each student’s academic and professional success.”

Eckelman also cited the BC MBA’s data-analytics sequence, part of its core curriculum, which “consistently makes our graduates stand out” in the job market. That and Boston College’s extensive alumni network form what she called a “winning combination” for the graduating classes. “Our goal is to ensure that every graduate student who comes to the Carroll School sees a strong return on their investment.”