Current Undergraduate Students

Resources for Current Undergraduate Students

The following forms are frequently used in the Carroll School. For a more comprehensive list of academic forms, visit the Office of Student Services

Course Pre-Approval Form

The Course Pre-Approval Form needs to be completed before you take classes over the summer at external institutions. Complete the online form and attach a course syllabus for the sponsoring academic department to review. You will receive an email notification letting you know if your request has been approved or denied. 

Course Withdrawal Form

If you wish to withdraw from a course, you should speak with a staff advisor in the Dean's Undergraduate Office to answer any questions you may have and to learn about how you can make up the credits to stay on track for graduation. Once you've made a decision to withdraw, please fill out the Course Withdrawal Form by the deadline. Students can take no fewer than 12 credits per semester.

One-Credit Internship Form

Students may receive a one-credit practicum for paid or unpaid work in the business world. You will need to complete internship paperwork with your supervisor and submit it to the Senior Associate Dean’s Office. Students will need to work a minimum of 10 hours per week in order to get credit for an internship.

Request for Excused Absence Form

Students may be excused from class for reasons, including, but not limited to, illness, death/critical illness of a family member, personal emergency or religious observance according to BC policy.

Students will not be excused for non-emergency absences that have not been authorized in advance and/or for reasons including but not limited to medical/dental appts, job interviews or employment obligations and personal or family events or celebrations. Please complete the following form to request a dean's note. Make sure to include appropriate documentation.  

In addition to the advising system offered in the Carroll School, Boston College offers many resources to assist you in your academic pursuits during your undergraduate experience.

Boston College Library System

The libraries here at Boston College are among the most outstanding University libraries in the region. Visit the University Libraries website and learn more about the resources available to students.

Students in the Carroll School have access to university librarian Sonia Ensins who is available to assist students with research for their management courses.  Visit the Business and Management resource page for helpful research guides and details on how to get in touch with Sonia.

Also located in O'Neill Library, the Media Center has a non-print collection with facilities for viewing and listening.


The Connors Family Learning Center provides free tutoring to all students in over 60 courses of study. All tutoring is provided on-site in a very comfortable learning center housed in O'Neill Library, right on Boston College's main Chestnut Hill campus. 

Writing assistance is also available in the Connors Family Learning Center for students. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) allows students to submit drafts of writing assignments for constructive feedback.

Connors Family Learning Center

Learning Disabilities Services and Support

The Connors Family Learning Center also offers support services to students with learning disabilities, such as screenings and consultations about accommodations.

The Disability Services Office serves students with medical, physical, or psychological disabilities. Students seeking accommodations should go through the registration process including providing documentation and scheduling an intake appointment.

Disability Services Office


The Accessibility at Boston College website gathers resources from across campus such as maps with accessible paths, resources for students who need accommodations, and information on technology accessibility.

Accessibility website

Each Sunday evening, the Office of the Associate Dean sends out a newsletter to each class year in the Carroll School of Management. The newsletter posts upcoming events, advising deadlines, leadership opportunities, and internship listings. View the most recent edition here:

Class of 2024

Class of 2025

Class of 2026

Class of 2027

Minor/Catalyst Newsletter

At the Carroll School, advising features an entire team—faculty, staff, dean, and peer advisors—dedicated to helping students address these questions and other academic, personal, and career issues. Our advising approach evolves as students progress through the program, adjusting to fit their needs and interests as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In your freshman year, your Portico professor is your faculty advisor. In your sophomore year, you are assigned to a staff advisor and then in your junior and senior year, you have a faculty advisor in your concentration area in addition to the staff advisor you met in your sophomore year. On top of all these resources, students can meet with one of our 12 Carroll School Peer Advisors, who are seniors who bring their first-hand experience and expertise to advising meetings. Visit the Carroll School Undergraduate Advising Resources website for more information.

Carroll students also have access to a dedicated team of career advisors who can provide personalized guidance, helping students identify potential career paths and job opportunities, prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and more. In particular, sophomores and second- semester freshmen are encouraged to take UGMG2222 Career Accelerator, a nine-week, 1 credit comprehensive career development course covering everything from foundational skills to how to dress for interviews and communicate with potential employers.

Get in touch with the undergraduate programs office and academic department staff with any questions on the contact page.

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