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<h3><span style=" background-color: transparent; ">Requirement:</span></h3> <p>6 courses</p> <h3>Contact<br /> </h3> <p>Fulton Hall 520<br /> 617-552-3940</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
<p>A broad curriculum to prepare for a career in public accounting, financial institutions, government, information systems, law, or the nonprofit world.</p>
Certified Public Accountant Chief Financial Officer Consultant
Accounting for Finance & Consulting
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>4 courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 520<br /> 617-552-3940</p> <p> </p>
<p>Prepare for a career in business, financial analysis, investment banking, consulting, marketing, or management training programs. </p>
Business Analytics
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>4 courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 350<br /> 617-552-0460</p>
<p>Learn valuable methods and tools such as statistics, forecasting, experimental design, and data mining that will help you transform data into information and insights.</p>
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>4 courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 430<br /> 617-552-0450</p>
<p>Learn to navigate the uncertainty of new initiatives in established firms and startups so you can launch and manage high-growth ventures.<br /> </p>
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>6 Courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 330<br /> 617-552-3985</p>
<p>Hosted in one of the top finance departments in the country, this program prepares students for quantitative and analytical challenges in both the business and academic worlds.</p>
General Management
<h3><span style=" background-color: transparent; ">Requirements</span></h3> <p>Students choose two areas, each requires 2 courses:<br /> </p> <ul><li>Accounting</li><li>Business Analytics</li><li>Finance</li><li>Information Systems (ends with Class of 2025)</li><li>Management and Organization</li><li>Marketing</li><li>Operations Management</li></ul>
<p>An integrated and rigorous curriculum with a cross-disciplinary approach to management—covering accounting, finance, marketing, leadership, information systems, and operations.</p>
Information Systems
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>4 Courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 350<br /> 617-552-0420</p>
<p>Learn how to strategically employ technology in organizations to improve business processes, productivity, and competitive advantage.<br /> </p>
Management & Leadership
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>5 courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 430<br /> 617-552-0450</p>
<p>Acquire and enhance the in-demand skills to effectively lead and manage people and organizations.</p>
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>5 Courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 450 <br /> 617-552-0420</p>
<p>With a broad approach to this dynamic discipline, develop skills across science, technology, and communications while examining perspectives on society, psychology, and human behavior.  </p>
Operations Management
<h3>Requirement:</h3> <p>4 courses</p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Fulton Hall 350<br /> 617-552-0460</p>
<p>Combine knowledge in business analytics, process design and analysis, and project management to address environmental, ethical, and social issues.</p>

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