Master of Science Programs

Faculty who are accomplished teachers and researchers, practical curricula focused on employers’ needs, and an active alumni network—these are big reasons why our master of science programs have earned high accolades. U.S. News and World Report and the Financial Times consistently rank them among the best programs in the country.

Master of Science in Finance

Our highly-ranked MSF program helps both experienced and aspiring professionals deepen their knowledge and create new opportunities in the industry. The comprehensive curriculum is grounded in fundamental economic principles, specialized skills, and leading methodologies. Complete the degree full-time or part-time. Full-time students can pursue a traditional finance track or quantitative (STEM-designated) finance track.

MSF Program

Master of Science in Accounting

Hone analytical abilities and acquire an in-depth understanding of the many ways accounting affects the world through our STEM-desginated MSA program. Students graduate distinctly ready to acquire their CPA and thrive in exceptional careers. With our students’ first-time CPA exam pass rates more than 30% higher than the national average, we rank 13th in the country.

MSA Program


Does the MSF program prepare students for the CFA exam?
<p>The primary purpose of the MSF program is to prepare students for careers in finance, not to pass the CFA exam. However, our students have achieved a high success rate on the exam in the past several years.</p>
How do I apply for the MSF Quantitative Finance (STEM-designated) Track?
<p>While filling out your application, you should just apply to the MSF program as a whole. Upon admission, we will ask you in the enrollment form to indicate if you are interested in pursuing the STEM-designated track.</p>
In order to complete my 150 hours for my CPA exam, can I take graduate level courses in the MSA program without applying formally to the program?
<p>Unfortunately, in order to take classes in any graduate management program, you must formally apply and be accepted into the program.</p>
Is work experience required for admission to the MSA program?
<p>Work experience is not required for the MSA program. Students can gain admission directly from their undergraduate studies.</p>
Is work experience required for admission to the MSF program?
<p>The MSF program is open to both those with work experience and those without. For international students, however, we highly recommend that students have some work experience, particularly if they are seeking post-MSF employment in the United States due to the increasingly competitive US employment market. The MSF Program is designed to meet the diverse needs of finance professionals, career changers, and recent undergraduates. To learn more about our current students’ academic backgrounds and work experience, <a href="">view the class profile</a>.</p>

Giving Back

In alignment with Boston College’s Jesuit values, all Carroll School graduate students fulfill a community service requirement. MSA and MSF students must complete 10 hours of service by providing pro bono services to local nonprofits or acting as mentors in underserved communities.

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