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Faculty Publication Highlight

Intellectual Shamans By Sandra Waddock, based on the work and lives of 28 very well-known management academics, describes what it means to be an intellectual shaman. It provides insight into the career paths and the sometimes maverick behavior that has allowed these individuals to achieve success. Click here to read more about Intellectual Shamans.

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New Faculty Publication Highlight

Seán Lemass is generally regarded as the man most responsible for the modernisation of Irish society. This book, written by Robert J. Savage, considers how Lemass evolved as a key figure in Fianna Fail governments and later to become one of the most influential leaders of twentieth-century Ireland. Click here to read more about Seán Lemass.


Burns Library Gallery - Unhemmed As It Is Uneven: Joyce's Odyssey in Print

O’Neill Level One Gallery - Celebrating Creativity of the Boston College Libraries' Staff Exhibit

O’Neill Level Three Reading Room - Blogging Special Collections