With the promulgation of its Affirmative Action Program, the University reaffirms and endorses the goals of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action consistent with the law and firmly rooted in its values and policies.

The Affirmative Action Program identifies positive, result-oriented and strategic steps that will be undertaken by the University to diversify its workforce and promote equal employment opportunity. Its coverage extends to all categories and facets of employment and employment relationships, including but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, benefits, compensation, transfers, terminations, layoffs, return from layoffs, grievance/problem-solving procedures.

Boston College fully complies with the letter and spirit of applicable laws, statutes and regulations that govern equal opportunity and affirmative action efforts for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, protected veterans and veterans with disabilities. The Affirmative Action Plan is available for viewing at the Office for Institutional Diversity during regular business hours upon request.

Components of the Affirmative Action Program:

  • Workforce and Job Group Analysis
  • Placement of Incumbents in Job Groups
  • Determining Availability
  • Placement Goals
  • Designation of Responsibility for Implementation
  • Identification of Problem Areas
  • Action-Oriented Programs

For more information about the University's Affirmative Action Program please contact Patricia Lowe at 617-552-3334.