Woods College Faculty

Martin Menke

Adjunct Faculty

Selected Professional Experience

Administrative Experience—Rivier University

2015, Chair, University Curriculum Committee

2015–2016, Member, Search Committee, Vice President for Finance and Operations

2014, Chair, Search Committee, Computer Science

Selected Publications

2018, “The Complexities of Ludwig Kaas: New Research on the Ermächtigungsgesetz,” in
From Weimar to Hitler Studies on the Dissolution of Weimar Democracy and the
Establishment of the Third Reich, 1932-1934, Eds. Hermann Beck and Larry
Eugene Jones. Berghahn Books (October).

2016, “Multiple Caesars? Germany, Bavaria, and German Catholics in the Interwar Period.”
Beyond the Borders of Baptism: Catholicity, Allegiances, and Lived Identities.”
Ed. Michael L. Budde. Cascade Books.

2013, “The effect of the Lateran Accords and the Reichskonkordat on Jews: A Comparative
View.” Proceedings of the Primo Levi Center (forthcoming).

2009, “Misunderstood Civic Duty: The German Center Party and the Enabling Act” Journal of
Church and State 51(2009), 236-264.

2007, “Good Catholics – Good Germans” Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 14(2006), 1-16.

2005, “’Thy Will Be Done: ’Nationalism and Faith in German Catholicism.” Catholic
Historical Review, 91(2005), 300-320.

2001, Interactive Assets for Chapters 15, 29-33 in Divine, Breen, et al. America Past and
Present: Flexchoice Edition. New York: Longman.

1994, with John L. Heineman, William E. Scaring, and James K. Bidwell, Discussion Guide
and Historical Atlas for Readings in European History, ed. John L. Heineman.
Dubuque: Kendall-Hunt, 1994.