Faculty Directory

Andrew R. Davis

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Selected Courses

Fall 2019

Book of Isaiah
Core Narrative

Spring 2020

Job and Suffering


Selected Publications

Tel Dan in Its Northern Cultic Context (Society of Biblical Literature, 2013).

Exploring the Old Testament: Creation, Covenant, Prophecy, Kingship  (Twenty-Third Publications, 2018).

The Royal Rhetoric of Temple Renovation in Ancient Israel and the Near East (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah: Prophets of Renewal during the Exile (Paulist Press, in progress).

Journal Articles
“A Near Eastern Treaty Parallel to Ezekiel’s Dry Bones,” Vetus Testamentum 68 (2018): 337-345.

“Eden Revisited: A Literary and Theological Reading of Genesis 18:12-13,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 78 (2016): 611-31.

“Re-reading 1 Kings 17:21 in Light of Ancient Medical Texts,” Journal of Biblical Literature 135 (2016): 465-81.

“Recent Research on the Megilloth” (written with Amy Erickson), Currents in Biblical Research, 14 (2016): 298-318.

“Wrestling Jacob in the Book of Genesis and August Wilson’s Fences,” Literature and Theology 29 (2015): 47-65.

“Hidden Treasure in Job 14:17,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 76 (2014): 421-35.

“The Literary Effect of Gender Discord in the Book of Ruth,” Journal of Biblical Literature 132 (2013): 495-513.

“Translating חנם in Job 1:9 and 2:3: On the Relationship between Job’s Piety and his Interiority” (written with Tod Linafelt), Vetus Testamentum 63 (2013): 627-39.

"‘Answer me properly!’: Diplomatic Strategy and Subterfuge in the Treaty Texts from Mari,” Ancient Near Eastern Studies 50 (2013): 243-54.

Other Publications
“Job” (30,000 words), forthcoming in The Paulist Biblical Commentary (Paulist Press).

“Spirit, Wind, or Breath: Reflections on the Old Testament,” in The Holy Spirit: Setting the World on Fire (Paulist Press, 2017), 63-72.

“Ruth and Esther as the Thematic Frame of the Megilloth,” in Megilloth Studies: The Shape of Contemporary Scholarship (ed. B. Embry; Sheffield Phoenix, 2016), pp. 7-19.

“Ordeal (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Ancient Near East),”forthcoming in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (de Gruyter).

“Oracle (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament),” forthcoming in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (de Gruyter).

“Oaths and Vows,” in the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law (ed. Brent Strawn; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), vol. 2, pp. 149-56.

Weekday Homily Helps (St. Anthony Messenger Press), ongoing.  Contributions includes: 4th Week of Advent; Christmas Octave; 3rd Week of Lent; 2nd, 6th, and 7th Weeks of Easter; 1st, 8th, 14th, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 34th Weeks in Ordinary Time.

“1 Kings” (16, 250 words), in progress for The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Bloomsbury T & T Clark).

“Biblical Exegesis as Interreligious Dialogue and Spiritual Practice,” forthcoming in Words to Live By: Sacred Sources for Interreligious Engagement (Orbis Books).

“Sacred/Ritual Times,” forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook on Ritual and Worship (ed. Samuel Balentine; Oxford: Oxford University Press).

“Family Religion in Ancient Israel,” forthcoming in Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament: Cultural, Historical, and Social Conexts (Baker Academic).