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The Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough School of Theology and Ministry (CSTM) is a world-class center of theological study, committed to the Jesuit, Catholic ideal of cura personalis—care for the whole person. Through curricula, one-on-one interactions with faculty mentors, daily liturgies, and other formation-based experiences, we cultivate students’ intellectual, spiritual, professional, and social growth.

For us, the pursuit of learning is part of a larger desire for God. It bears fruit in who our students become. It manifests itself in our service to the Church and the world. It calls us to a wholeness and holiness rooted in prayer, a reverence for the dignity of others, and an active love.
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J., Dean, Clough School of Theology and Ministry

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Formation: The Core of Our Culture

The CSTM experience is about so much more than education—it emphasizes the formation of students as whole people, helping them grow and flourish within the intellectual, spiritual, ministerial, and human dimensions of their lives.

Formation at CSTM

Belonging at CSTM

Here, a rich variety of voices converge to form one dynamic community grounded in the Jesuit, Catholic values of intensive intellectual dialogue and reverence for all backgrounds and viewpoints. We value each student equitably—no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, or age.

You Belong at CSTM

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Leaders for the 21st Century

The Clough School prepares its students for leadership in lay and ordained ministries and for service rooted in faith—in increasingly multicultural contexts. Theological research and reflection, spirituality, and pastoral practice are integral to the school’s life and mission.

Studying Theology at BC: World-Class Breadth & Depth

Boston College is a world-class center of theological study, comprising both the Clough School of Theology and Ministry (CSTM) as well as the Theology Department in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences. Students in each have access to courses and faculty in both entities—enhancing the breadth and depth of theological study at BC. Combined, CSTM and the Theology Department represent the nation's largest theological faculty.

CSTM hosts master's and certificate programs in theology and ministry, as well as a sequence of ecclesiastical degrees (STB, STL, and STD) and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in theology and education.

The Theology Department houses the University's undergraduate and doctoral programs in theology as well as a Joint M.A. in Philosophy and Theology. 

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Stroll through beautiful Simboli Hall, enjoy the ample green space of Brighton Campus, or browse the Theology and Ministry Library (which is right next door). We make every effort to tailor your campus visit to your needs and interests.

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