Student Research

Research and reflection are vital to life at CSTM, as they allow us to integrate what we learn in the classroom into our everyday experiences while enhancing broader scholarly conversations. As a CSTM student, you can work directly with our expert faculty and conduct your own research through self-directed study.

Research Assistant Mentorship Program

"You will find openness and camaraderie."

Each year, a small group of students is selected as research assistants to work with individual faculty members for ten hours per week. All research assistants are also part of the Research Assistant Mentorship Program, which includes additional library training around academic research as well as monthly symposia for the whole cohort with a rotating faculty supervisor, at which the faculty member will discuss their approach to research and the best practices they use in their work.

Student Voices


Every year, CSTM students participate in and lead events such as the Lumen et Vita Spring Conference and Accessing the Divine Conference, co-sponsored by the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium.

Sample Conferences

Student Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance is available to CSTM students who attend professional and academic conferences as a way to further their graduate and professional research initiatives and professional formation goals, and to represent the school on the local, national, and international level. Both the Clough School of Theology and Ministry and the Graduate Student Association offer opportunities to fund conferences and research for qualified students. 

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