Faculty Directory

Daniel J. Daly

Associate Professor of Moral Theology

selected courses

Fall 2020
Virtue Ethics
Seminar: End of Life Ethics

Spring 2021
Health Care Ethics

SELECTED publications

“How Many Heart Valves Is One Person Owed? The Ethics of Multiple Value Transplants for Patients with IVDU-Induced Endocarditis,” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 40, no. 1 (forthcoming, Spring, 2021).

“Virtue Ethics,” in T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Ethics, ed. Tobias Winright (forthcoming).

“Social Structures and Public Health Ethics,” Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health: Climate Change, Pollution, and the Health of the Poor, ed. Philip J. Landrigan and Andrea Vicini (Wipf and Stock, forthcoming, 2020).

“Critical Realism, Virtue Ethics, and Moral Agency” in Moral Agency within Social Structures and Culture, ed. Daniel Finn (Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press, forthcoming, May, 2020)

“Guidelines for Rationing Treatment during the COVID-19 Crisis: A Catholic Approach,” Health Progress (April 14, 2020).https://www.chausa.org/publications/health-progress/article/pandemic-coverage/guidelines-for-rationing-treatment-during-the-covid-19-crisis-a-catholic-approach

“Who Counts as a Person?” in Incarnate Grace: Catholic Perspectives on Health Care, edited by Charlie Bouchard. Saint Louis: Catholic Health Association Press, 2017: 93-108, 2017.

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“The Ethics of Exit,” America, June 9-16, 2014, pp. 21-26.

“Unreasonable Means: Proposing a New Category for Catholic End of Life Ethics,” Christian Bioethics 19 (2013): 40-59.

“From Nature to Second Nature: The Relationship of the Natural Law and Acquired Virtues in the Summa theologiae,” Angelicum 88 (2011): 693-715.

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