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Our faculty are scholars, mentors, and ministers, helping students transform into leaders of communities around the world. Through sincere interactions and enduring relationships, faculty members help students flourish academically, in ministerial work, and in exploring their own spiritual expression.

The nation’s largest theological faculty

Together with the Boston College Theology Department, our 73 faculty members comprise the largest theology faculty in the country.

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Utilizing participative pedagogical processes and analogical imagination, our faculty prepares students to be leaders of intellectual strength and integrity, who are able to respond in theologically substantive ways to the pressing issues of our time.

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We try to teach academic courses in ways that are eminently pastoral and applicable. Our practical courses are very academic. We try to teach them both in ways that nurture people's own spiritual growth. The academic, the pastoral, and the spiritual – letting all three suffuse each other and inform and color each other. We don't see these as a triangle. We see them as integrated.
Thomas H. Groome, Professor, Theology and Religious Education

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Students also form relationships with stellar faculty in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Theology Department, whose primary research areas include biblical studies, historical theology/history of Christianity, comparative theology, systematic theology, and theological ethics.

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