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Michael Grubb

Associate Professor



Selected Publications

"Consumer Inattention and Bill Shock Regulation", 2015. Review of Economic Studies, 82:1, 219-257

"Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock", with Matthew Osborne, 2015. American Economic Review, 105:1, 234-271

"Dynamic Nonlinear Pricing: Biased Expectations, Inattention, and Bill Shock", 2012. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30:3, 287-290

"Developing a Reputation for Reticence", 2011. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 20:1, 225-268

"Selling to Overconfident Consumers", 2009. American Economic Review, 99:5, 1770-1807. Winner of The Claire and Ralph Landau Prize, 2007

Downloadable Boston College Working Papers

Working Paper 879. Michael D. Grubb, "Behavioral Consumers in Industrial Organization" (05/2015; PDF)

Working Paper 878. Michael D. Grubb, "Failing to Choose the Best Price: Theory, Evidence, and Policy" (05/2015; PDF)

Working Paper 877. Michael D. Grubb, "Overconfident Consumers in the Marketplace" (03/2015; PDF)

Working Paper 829. Michael D. Grubb and Matthew Osborne (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis), "Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock" (2015; PDF; American Economic Review. 105:1, 234-271)

Working Paper 828. Michael D. Grubb, "Consumer Inattention and Bill-Shock Regulation" (2015; PDF;  Review of Economic Studies. 82:1, 219-257)