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Shakeeb Khan




Selected Publications

“Identification of Panel Data Models with Endogenous Censoring” (with M. Ponomareva and E. Tamer) Journal of Econometrics,  (2016), 194, 57-75.

“On the Informational Content of “Special Regressors” in Heteroskedastic Binary Response Models” (with S. Chen and X. Tang) Journal of Econometrics,  (2016), 193, 162-182.

“Semiparametric Estimation of Program Impacts on Dispersion of Potential Wages (with S.H. Chen), Journal of Applied Econometrics, (2014), 29, 901-919.

“Distribution-free estimation of Heteroskedastic binary response models in Stata” (with J. Blevins), Stata Journal, (2013), 13, 588-602.